Top Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Payor Contract Management


Question emojiDo you need to organize your payor contracts? Are they in a filing cabinet? Are they scanned? Are the fee schedules retrievable for each contract? At Bloom Road Consulting, we have people who excel at bringing structure and organization to Managed Care Contracts in preparation for negotiation or software implementation.

Do you have the Rate Matrices in order?  Or do you need someone to interpret your contacts and turn them into the rules required for software to calculate expected reimbursement? Turning contracts into rules is as much Art as Science as you establish naming conventions for the apples, oranges and avocados; turn the fruits of your negotiation into logic for monitoring payments. At Bloom Road Consulting, we have people who excel at reading paper contacts and understanding what it takes to set up the rules to calculate expected reimbursement in software.

Is the volume of your payor contracts overwhelming to implement and maintain? Super lists of priorities and tracking have you buried with more work than you have the ability to complete?  At Bloom Road Consulting, we have people who are extremely task-oriented and will methodically comb through the plethora of contracts that exist at most hospitals.  We apply Best Practice from our years of experience — whether it’s volume or complexity, no project is too small or too large.
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